PowerUp! With Kaman ParkerStore

Collateral, Messaging, Advertising, Email Marketing, Direct Mail


PowerUp! and Get Back To Work.

PowerUp! is a multi-platform sales and marketing push for Kaman Industrial Technologies designed to increase foot traffic into ParkerStore, a chain of retail stores offering hydraulic hoses, assemblies and repairs. The goal of the marketing program was to promote ParkerStore’s comprehensive product line and services, while emphasizing their points of differentiation from competing stores in specific test markets. Four specific ‘test’ stores were identified for the program.

Developing the Message

The most important cornerstone to a campaign like this is to identify the audience and carefully decide which tactics will resonate best with them – to ensure the client’s return on investment is as high as possible. After careful analysis, Catalyst recommended a mix of traditional and digital marketing to make the biggest splash with the manufacturing audience on a local level.


Encouraging Traffic Through Direct Marketing

The team created a postcard mailer included a coupon offer to drive traffic into the store. The postcard was distributed to a purchased list of manufacturing companies in each testing location. This same list also received an email offer, which was sent to them twice over the course of the campaign, sporting a link to download the coupons.


Read All About It!

Full-page ads were designed for insertion in both trade publications and local area publications, aimed at increasing awareness of the great services offered at “your local ParkerStore.” On the digital front, a Google AdWords media buy was developed to target users even more closely in the digital realm.  Careful attention was paid to the performance of keywords, and optimizations were made through the life of the AdWords campaign to increase audience engagement.


Bold & Beautiful

Along with direct outreach, PowerUp! aimed to increase general awareness of the local area’s ParkerStore and its services. Large, visually striking billboards, accompanied by corresponding radio spots, created thousands of impressions above local highways and over the airwaves. Each billboard was specifically chosen to fit the audience’s most likely workday commute. Moving billboards were designed for additional exposure along these routes.

Based on the results from the PowerUp! Campaign, Kaman and Catalyst were able to make smart marketing decisions about which stores would be the best fit for the first phase of the total program rollout.