Barracuda by BILCO

Video, Social, Public Relations

Created by a military veteran and distributed by The BILCO Company, the Barracuda Intruder Defense system is a door-locking device that can be installed in a matter of seconds in emergency situations to protect occupants against building intruders. The team at Catalyst was tasked with successfully marketing the Barracuda with elements that included video, social media, public relations and more.

Causing a Reaction

As part of the effort to promote the Barracuda, Catalyst created a video demonstrating how easy it is to use the product in what could be a high-stress situation, where the user needed to act quickly to block an entrance. This short product video was then used across BILCO’s social media channels. Catalyst’s persistence in pushing the video out to out to BILCO’s following resulted in pick-up by the viral news media not once – but two times!


Real-time Response

The Catalyst team was immediately alerted to the video’s virality by their social media service that monitors conversations and chatter as they happen all over the internet. Catalyst was alerted as a result of the spike in conversations and shares , and the team was able to respond immediately and take control of the situation as it was happening.

Managing Demand

Within hours, massive viral news media outlets were requesting the rights to the video to post on their own pages. In these situations, timing is crucial to making the most of a viral video’s success and continue its spread across the digital world. Catalyst’s social media team quickly responded to each request on behalf of BILCO, submitting the Barracuda video to sites like LADBible, Diply, BusinessInsider, and others to encourage its virality. Additionally, the agency quickly updated the look and feel of the Facebook and Twitter pages to fall in line with the video’s content, changing all links to connect to the Barracuda’s sales page.


Hitching the Message to a Rocket

Quickly piggybacking on the tidal wave of attention to the video, Catalyst’s PR team began reaching out to media outlets, both local and national. Drawing attention to the tremendous and rapid viral spread of the video, we were able to secure television interviews for BILCO executives with local network news crews. This gave BILCO an opportunity not only to discuss the product, but how the massive worldwide attention was impacting sales inquiries.

The Power of Social

Thanks to the content generation efforts of the Catalyst social team, coupled with their quick and direct response to viral media, the Barracuda video was seen by over 112 million people across the world, and is still being shared four months later.  These efforts directly affected the Barracuda website’s traffic, with an increase of over 10K clicks from Facebook to the Barracuda homepage in just one month. From a sales perspective, Barracuda’s sales have driven straight up – effectively quadrupling the sales figures forecasted for this product.