Catalyst and COVID-19

As Catalyst entered its 27th year in business earlier this month the world around us became something few could have expected, as the coronavirus and stay-at-home orders dramatically changed how work was done.

Many years ago, we realized that it wasn’t necessary to expose our staff to the risks associated with winter storm driving, so we made robust work-from-home capabilities a priority for the company. Several happy side-effects emerged from this, including our abilities to enhance employee work-life balance; accommodate a valued staffer who wished to relocate; and allow me to mostly retire, move to Colorado and enjoy the first-hand thrills of grandparenthood while still keeping my finger on the pulse of the business.

We had never in our wildest dreams imagined that we would find ourselves in a pandemic and that working-from-home would be mandated.  In the weeks leading up to that occurrence, Catalyst made several dry-runs to assure that our agency would be able to fully function remotely, and the transition was virtually seamless.


Accordingly, I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Melissa’s forward-thinking leadership, Sam’s outstanding execution and our team’s flexibility, resourcefulness and dedication to our clients’ success. While I know there are still many challenges ahead, I am extremely proud of how our little company has performed thus far in the crisis. I am confident that while we may end up a bit bruised and battered when we finally emerge from this situation, we—like our country—will emerge successfully and be stronger, more capable and more resilient than ever before.

I wish all of you health and happiness as we all work through these unusual and difficult times. We’re all in this together, and together we will meet the challenge.


Charles Wintrub