The Anatomy of a Press Release Represented Through Food

A press release is the kindling to any news story or feature article. It’s used as an official statement issued to news outlets giving information on a particular matter. What goes into a press release? I’m going to break this down in the easiest way I know how: through food.

Picture a donut. You have the basic attributes: sprinkles, frosting, and of course the dough! This sugary goodness is a breakfast staple and will serve as our primary example of the anatomy of a press release.

A press release needs a hook, the “who, what, when, and where.” It needs something that answers: why should I distribute this? The sprinkles. This hook will have to be short and sweet – a little teaser to the rest of your press release. You’re basically trying to get as much information into a short, concise paragraph while keeping your readers engaged. You want them to read more!

Next you have the frosting. Are you hungry yet? Because your reader should be. This is where you move into the basic facts and context, where you’ll include your quotes, and provide the fascinating tidbits that reporters and journalists will bite into.


The dough is your foundation, otherwise known as the information you will research. Think about the basic information about the person, place, or thing you are writing about. Ask yourself, “is there other relevant information that would help support my frosting?”

There you have it, the basic anatomy of a press release. Make sure your press releases are something reporters will sink their teeth into – figuratively, of course.