Why Every Company Should Consider Producing Event Videos

I don’t know about you, but I love a good event – a birthday party; a restaurant opening; a charity fundraiser; etc.  As a former local news reporter and video journalist, I was fortunate to cover a wide range of events.  From visits by President Barack Obama in Connecticut and Pope Francis in Philadelphia, to local high school graduations, grand openings and philanthropic gatherings.  I shot footage of all the action happening – the ribbons being cut, the crowds cheering, the speeches being given – and interviewed people from all walks of life. While telling these kinds of stories, I wanted viewers to feel as if they were there.

Take it Further

The same approach to covering events can also be applied to corporate conventions and conferences or a company’s own gathering such as a 25th anniversary, product launch or another milestone.  In all of these cases, a video can give your viewers – potential and current customers and industry colleagues – a unique inside look at your company.  This might include interviews that can be set up ahead of time with members of your organization.  Depending on the event, interviews could also be held with thought leaders in your industry, key customers or donors, elected officials and other members of the community.

A short video we created for a client, showcasing their company culture.

Details to Consider

These videos can be produced in a format that might include a host or as a highlight reel of all the best moments captured as they’re happening.  The live action is what makes this fun for people to watch!  So if you’re thinking about producing an event video, you should determine what exactly is going to take place.  Will there be demonstrations, such as new tech products or cooking at a new restaurant?  Will others be there to comment and review these products in a thought-provoking manner?  What can people learn from watching this video and from seeing a recap of the event?  It’s important that viewers feel clued-in and enticed to know more without feeling like they’re watching an advertisement.  It’s the genuine story that you’ll want viewers to be able to connect with – and everyone has a story to tell.

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-Christina Scott