Marketing Your Nonprofit with 8 Simple Steps

Fundraising is the lifeblood of a nonprofit. To stay “alive” is to understand that marketing your organization will be far more effective than relying upon the traditional “sales and/or donation” model to achieve your financial goals. Smart, or targeted marketing, will pique consumer and donor interest, and yield far better results.

Listed below are eight simple steps that can help nonprofit organizations get started on the path to marketing ideas that could make a significant difference in raising funds for your organization.


Determine your market, then identify and research what similar organizations and associations are doing to create awareness within that market. What are they doing that works?


Develop a plan of action (schedule) to follow that will yield favorable results of your marketing efforts. This can be as detailed as you think is necessary, but remember you can’t assume results, so don’t get too into the nitty-gritty.


When steps 1 and 2 are completed, you’ll need to produce brochures and a host of other marketing materials that outline the benefits, services, donation opportunities and values of your organization.


Develop a social media strategy. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.… can expose your organization to a large number of interested potential donors beyond your organic reach. It’s inexpensive, and VERY effective.


This should go without saying… create a stellar website. You will be using it to showcase the benefits of your organization by sharing information such as its history, newsworthy stories, newsletters, upcoming events, etc., all designed of create a sense of community.


NOTE: You should also implement ways to receive donations. Make it as easy as possible!



Maintain a current and prospective customer database. Databases are a priceless resource. Use your database for things such as special mailings, follow-up phone calls, event invitations, to develop alliances and for research profiling and market segmentation This will ensure that you don’t fall behind on your efforts, and that you are presenting a clear branded message to all contacts.


Showcase the objectives of your organization as well as the clear results you’ve achieved. You’ll also want to showcase the people and organizations that have benefited from your nonprofit’s various work, activities and projects.


Be receptive to partnering with others that are in-line with your mission and can benefit your organization. This could be other nonprofits, individuals in commerce, government, advertising and media companies, etc. This alone could bring substantial enrichment to your nonprofit organization.

We’ve done work with a number of nonprofit organizations – from education to healthcare and then some. Check out our portfolio for some of our most recent work.


-Michael –

The Branding Mastermind